Anger in Therapy

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anger Therapy shouldn’t always make you uncomfortable or angry but if you’re in treatment and working on changing long standing patterns of behavior and thinking – always walking out of session with a head full of rainbows, unicorns and lollipops probably means that at least some part of the work that needs to be done isn’t happening.

When a client expresses anger towards their clinician, the therapist should avoid getting defensive for a couple of reasons. Acting defensively usually makes people angrier because it typically involves invalidating some part of what the other person is saying off the bat.  Most clinicians, I suspect, would agree that “client will increase rage towards therapist” is not a goal that appears on any of their treatment plans.

Another reason has to do with opportunity – invalidating a client’s anger or defending yourself against such statements as “God, you can be such a  [explicative] [explicative] sometimes” means being inattentive…

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