Die To Survive

A helpless child

Just wants to take the pain away

She doesn’t understand

When she sees her mother cry and scream

That it is nothing she has done


She tries to comfort

She tries to support

She tries to be a husband, mother, father, friend

To her own mother

She can’t


She can’t fix it

She can’t fix any of it

It’s all broken

And it’s not her fault

But she thinks it is


So much pain

So much loss

So much emptiness

So much loneliness

No one to comfort her


An empty home

No love, no care, no trust, no respect

Just pain, loss and sadness

No answers

Only never ending torment


Barbed wire around her heart

Crushing and ripping whatever goodness there was so it doesn’t work anymore

No hope

No way out

So reliant on those she cannot trust


She has to survive

She becomes mother, father, husband, wife, friend

She never becomes herself

She dies

She dies to survive


© toomanyfeelings


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