I am the one who suffers

I am the one who bears the burden of this place

I carry it, alone, so heavy

No one knows the weight

I drag it with me everywhere I go


I hide this pain from everyone

Like a face behind the mask, I scream

I have screamed every day for my entire life

No one listened

Because it was silent

That screaming is still there, it won’t go away


© toomanyfeelings


One thought on “Pain

  1. Trusting that it will, when time comes. Pain like everything else in life, is here to teach us something. Once we decode the lessons, it will ease off. Very beautiful poem. It speaks to the pain most of us silently carry with us. We can not fight our pain, we can not hide our pain, we can not wish our pain to nothingness. We can only observe, love, and smile to it. Gradually that pain will transform into peace and joy alchemically. Hold your hand, message, and hug the place that hurts, talk to your pain, love your pain up, tell your pain that you are there for her. Then listen to her talking back. Make sure you hear her. love and hugs, sue

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